Who am I?

I'm Rachel, 25 years old and very passionate about everything I do. I work as a Shop Manager and live with my fiance Andrew who eventually popped the question in December '19. It ONLY took him 5 years, 5 months and 2 days...not that I was counting.

I live in Northumberland, around 30 minutes outside of Newcastle. 

I  have 6 pets; 2 guinea pigs (Teddy & Vanilla) and 4 rabbits (Peter, Benjamin, Leo and Archie). 

I am 1 of 4 girls..I feel sorry for my mam!

Becky, 27, the loud one.

Me, 25, the best one. 

Ruby, 13, the one who gets away with everything. 

Emily, 13, the eyebrow obsessed one. 

Anyways, enough about me and my life,  you wanted to check out my wax melts. 

Why Melt Away Aromas? 

Well, these are all hand made by me and smell divine. I've always been obsessed with different smells so I thought i'd take this obsession and start my own business. I'm forever sticking my nose into new cleaning products or air fresheners in the shop to take in the scent.

My family, friends and work colleagues think i'm crazy as I have various different scents to choose from when I come to clean the house or shop. 

I'm forever spending money on wax melts so I thought, why not have a go and make my own? All I ever wanted was to pay a reasonable price for the best smells. It turns out I had a really good eye for it. In fact, I'm spending most of my free time creating stock and testing new scents..which is where I am today!